Saturday, April 7, 2012

Head --> Wall

Because my school has students doing clinicals all over the country, many students use a Facebook group to to inquire "What's a good rotation for Peds" or "Would anybody like to swap X for Y on Date Q." Such things I think are useful, until I see questions like "What are the hours like?" or "Are the hours long?" Who.cares. Show up, do your assignment, get your work done, and GO. You're in medical school for cryin' out loud...didn't you know when you signed up for this insanity that the hours would be long? Ugh, some of my colleagues. But today's takes the cake. It went something like this:
I'm starting Rotation Whatever at Hospital Wherever on Day Whenever and I just realized I forgot to go there and get my drug test because I've been busy with my elective. Does anyone know how quickly their occupational health dept schedules you and gets you the results? I don't want to get kicked off the rotation. I'm pissed Brand University didn't remind me!
What are you five???? You're going to be a bloody doctor and you need reminding about something as simple as making an appointment to pee in a cup? REMINDING implies that you have already been told. Act like you are at least in your twenties for the love of pick-a-diety. Try using the "reminder" feature that nearly every cell phone and email feature has. Or if it's too difficult...write it down in your own datebook!! It's not the school's job to baby you!!

...another classmate on the short but real list of "People I will never refer patients to."

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