Thursday, March 22, 2012

Back into the fray

Since I've been gearing up to go back into the hospital and clinic, I am reminded of one of my least-favorite aspects of medical school: the self-important medical student. I call him Mr. Narcissist. We all know the type. It's the guy (or gal) who thinks he's hot-stuff. He thinks he knows everything, that nobody else should know something that he doesn't, that his problems are the only one that matter (yeah dude, I'm so terribly sorry you're one of FIVE HUNDRED PEOPLE trying to get hospital assignments, I really want to hear about your particular crusade trying to get into a hospital that accepts five people, meanwhile over a hundred of us who submitted our paperwork on time, and before you, are still waiting...), and that his problems are also of WORLD-ENDING-CONSEQUENCE if they don't get resolved RIGHT THIS VERY MINUTE. I just want to tell these people--hey, sorry to inform you, but the sun did not wait until you woke up to start shining...and it certainly did not slide out of your hind parts in order to do so!

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