Saturday, February 12, 2011

Some of what I learned from 12 hours in the ER

HCTZ does indeed cause hypokalemia

Lungs en espanol es "pulmones."

ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS check the meds list...

The Baker Act is great.

I know more Spanish than I realize. I was able to do three interviews exclusively in Spanish and get most of the history. Most certainly the (Spanish-speaking) doctor was able to extrude more, but I was quite proud of myself.

Eat when you can, as much as you can, because you don't know if you'll have another shot!

Smoking cessation can actually cause a short term case of bronchitis due to epithelial regeneration. Rx: Guaifenesin, albuterl/salmaterol, prednisone, and an antibiotic.

Walk into the ER (or any other rotation I guess really) assuming that the doctor is going to dress you down -- that's what he's there for, to teach you.

Spontaneous abortions are the worst cases to work.

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