Sunday, February 27, 2011

Written quite a few weeks ago...oops

I ran into some MERP students today. MERP and 5th Semesters many days have class in the same building. As soon as we established our respective place in the medschool totem pole (doesn't really matter because we're all at the bottom) I was bombarded with questions about Dominica. My number one advice -- roll with it and just expect to have crap days, and chew on it.

Ok, fast forward to today:
I have had so fewer days like that!! Daily existence is not such a challenge here. Even though I'm not in a place where I grew up, or really had ever been before, I am comfortable here. I like it here. The culture here expects something out of itself, and isn't complacent with status quo or has the attitude "that's the way we do things here."

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