Thursday, January 27, 2011've got style

I am LOVING being back in the States. And I really like Miami. The traffic and pace of life is zany enough for me. I love my apartment, even if it is expensive, and I love being able to take the train into class/work. On that note, given that we are required to dress professionally and the nature of what we're doing it often feels more like a job right now. This does not bother me one bit because I enjoyed working. And I enjoy dressing professionally, frankly I have more professional clothes than casual. It's nice to get up in the morning, pull out a nice, crisp dress shirt and pair of pants, and put on a nice pair of shoes with a belt. Look good, feel good.

We only have class one day per week now. Thank God!!! that makes it much more bearable to sit and listen to somebody drone on and on and on and on and on for eight hours.

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