Monday, March 15, 2010

Birthday, Island style

So my birthday came and went on the island. Instead of spending it in the preferred fashion with friends at 8E's we instead spent it watching a few episodes of Dexter and then a no-holes-barred game of Spoons and BS. I still like to call BS "Bible Study" in the spirit of those many many many games played on a ten hour bus ride to New Orleans on a church trip back in the day. Let me also add that Spoons + Wine makes more some hilarious NO THAT'S MY SPOON moments. Thankfully either I completely miss the spoon or get it well before the fight ensues because I would probably just give up the spoon. I also remember a game of spoons a couple of years ago where I conked heads with someone else who was diving for the same spoon. Said person began to cry like a baby because of a bump on her head.

The best moment of the evening, by far, however, was when Meg had to drink wine out of a measuring cup. We will make a redneck out of her yet. And school/class was not mentioned. Not.A.Word.


  1. Someone should have gotten a pic of her as she took a sip, because she hates wine and that would have made for a priceless profile pic!

    Nice birthday. You should have one again sometime. :-P

    -E(pic Fail)

  2. Um...I did get a pic...perhaps YOU had had too much to remember me taking the picture...