Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Spring is in the air...and so is the pollen!

April is here. Incidentally, a particular idiot has succeeded in finding the best April Fool's joke that isn't that's not a joke and is basically a total clusterf*ck! Thanks to his bozocity (yes I just made up a word there, root is bozo) everybody's on edge. Thanks a lot BOZO.

On a MUCH more pleasant note. Spring is coming. The azalea's are blooming and everything's becoming green again. Not that fake winter green that the plants fool you with but a real spring green! The only downside is that with spring comes pollen. Around here it's so thick you can taste it. Well Sheisse! So for the better part of the next two months I and many others will be walking around with a seemingly interminable post-nasal drip and a raspy voice. Georgia and much of the South for that matters gets and ungodly amount of pollen in April and May. Deep South Georgia gets it even earlier (yet another reason I don't live there). When I was younger I never was bothered by pollen. That changed around 18. It's not debilitating but there are always one or two days where I just feel like I've been flattened by a semi-truck. A quarter of the cove also looks likes it's been carpeted. Yeah, think 1970's gold shag and you're not that far off.

To go along with all that pollen you have carpenter bees that are so big they sound like low-flying airplanes when they flyover your head!

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