Monday, April 13, 2009

A GOOD! Weekend.

As it was Easter weekend, I had Good Friday off! Woohoo! I was quite happy because work has become rather mind-numbing. I mean really, how many color change observations and volumetric titrations can one do before the brain starts to ooze out of your ear! Thankfully, I had some side projects that I had been working on that had kept most, if not all, of my attention the last two weeks. On the flipside, however, those projects resulted in five post-eight-pm nights in a week and a half. Needless to say, that, coupled with all the other stuff that had been going on in the past three weeks meant I wanted to run screaming from the building and pull out what's left of my hair. *Sidenote, I'm not bald. I'm just taller than most of my hair.*

Basically what I wanted was to just hang out with a few of my friends and enjoy a nice bottle (or two) of wine. I had already arrange most of this ahead of time given that my ability to do so is depdendent on whether or not my friends are in town, so Friday night I braved the incliment ugly weather (which never really came near me) and schlepped my way to Athens (woohoo!). It was well worth it.

At Amigo's place I had left a bottle of pinot noir from a previous weekend and I nicely polished that one off before we headed to Casa Mia (one of my favorite restaurants in Athens) in the rain I might add.

I like either going to restaurants and enjoying a long meal with friends or starting a friends' places. I don't really (and never have) care for going to loud crouded bars where all you do is stand THIS CLOSE to 65 of your closest intoxicated friends and scream at each other while loud, obnoxious music that's not really made for dancing blares in your eyes. Always been a rather bizare custom to me. Personally if I'm going to go out somewhere I want to dance. I know I'm not in the majority, and sometimes I'll go because that's the fair thing to do, but the bar scene just turns me off.

So, once at Casa Mia we settled in for a nice long chatty dinner which consisted of some incredibly good tapas, and a nice bottle (yes another) of pinot noir. Pinot noir being my wine du jour. We probably stayed longer than the restaurant would have liked, but I wasn't too concerned considering the second bottle was pretty much gone by 2315 and we had racked up a nice cheque.

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