Sunday, November 6, 2016

Dr. Luckyone's Migraine

It started at Mariano's. I was looking at a bottle of wine (kosher if you care, thinking that it was a richer type of grape juice which should've been the first clue). I saw this greenish yellow wavy light, thinking that it was the reflection off the glass. My eyes were bugging me while we were at the checkout line. By the time I got home my head was pounding. While waiting for some friends I was watching Star Wars, and they kept saying "Jedi" and I kept repeating it like some stoner moment because even though I've seen Star Wars 8,000 times--I wasn't sure if I'd ever heard the term Jedi before. Then my hand started to tingle. I got a bit freaked out, but thankfully that passed after a few minutes. Two aspirins, and thirty minutes later I didn't feel like my head was in a cloud, but I still felt weird. Being a paranoid doctor, I was going through the differential in my mind (seizure, stroke, did somebody slip me something...).  At one point I was in the mirror testing my cranial nerves--anyone who happened to see that probably would've thought I was nuts. Thankfully the headache lifted after about three hours, but the whole evening was weird. 

A day or so later, I'm processing this, and I realize that I had a migraine. (I confirmed this with a few neurology friends, and friends who actually have migraines regularly). I've had one, maybe two migraines in my life, but they were both close together, and occurred about twenty years ago when I was a kid. It's very strange, the whole thing. 

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