Wednesday, August 31, 2016


As the title suggest, the subject is psychotherapy. What is it? Well...I'm not entirely sure, though I'm supposedly supposed to be well-trained in it come the end of residency. Doesn't that bode well...

I had a rather lengthy, and involved discussion with my psychotherapy supervisor this morning, about what exactly psychotherapy is supposed to be. Because again, I haven't the foggiest. We discussed my uncertainties about the modality and how I feel as though I'm not really doing anything concrete or useful. I think that I'm actually a very good listener, but perhaps it's ADHD, perhaps it's just personality, but I'm not overly fond of just listening for three hours at a stretch. Even more annoying is the fact that I often feel like whatever I suggest they don't want to hear, and they want to continue doing the same things that brought them into therapy in the first place---yes Dr. Luckyone that's the point, I'm sure you might be saying. Perhaps it is. But it's annoying. I feel constrained by how engaged I can be, and how much help I feel I can actually be. Perhaps it's inexperience. Perhaps it's having to sit down all day. Perhaps it's having to see a few patients over and over again, that I really do not like as people. Counter-transference is a big deal in therapy.

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