Tuesday, July 1, 2014

First Day of Residency

The First Day of Residency was...overwhelming. I was ten minutes late thanks to what is normally a 35 minute ride taking an hour. I felt so bad. The director and the program coordinator both called and emailed me though. I got my full schedule (start on neurology), and then got what seems like eighty-four volumes of the encyclopedia thrown at me. After a while I felt like Charlie Brown: "wamp wamp wamp wamp wamp wamp wamp wamp wamp." Right...I'll totally commit that forty-seven step process to memory by the time I need it in three days time. Heaven help me. It was also quite hot in that room, and I felt queasy the entire day. Then I get home and I feel all achey, like I'm getting sick. Grand. So I went to bed before 8pm. Two weeks prior I hadn't even been getting home until 10pm, so it was a weird change. It's exciting, more than a little unnerving, but I am looking forward to the coming weeks!

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