Thursday, March 13, 2014


Encounter of the Day:
Me: Asks a question.
Patient: *struggles to remember who was her insurance provider for a policy that ended two weeks ago* Finally decides to blame me for her memory loss (if she actually ever knew it in the first place..."Why you askin' that? That's not REVELANT."

...well you got me's not revelant...It is, however, relevant.

On another note: I had a call from a patient who apparently either loved the sound of her own voice, or had nobody to talk to. She talked for fifty minutes about her problems. A future (hopefully) psychiatrist, I figured I'd let her vent. At the very least since she is a paying member who is responsible for my salary she deserves the right to voice her experiences and frustrations. So I listened. I listened for fifty minutes.

Just before that I had a forty-five minute call from a member who had a great attitude, but a horrible disease. I felt a little less deserving to complain about ANYTHING after hearing her story about dealing with SCDS.

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