Sunday, February 2, 2014

The job...

It's hard to write about the new job without breaking a ton of rules...but guess I can share a few gems.

I'm not a commuter. I may rue the day I stated this, but I have no desire to do 30+ minute commutes for the rest of my life.

- Caller gets mad at me because he designated his wife as the primary, and not him. He then blames me for scamming him. Okkkkkk.

- Caller gets mad at me because she can't read an English (apparently) mentioning that if she didn't choose a doctor for her HMO, Big frickin' insurance company will do so for some point in the future. Yup, that's totally my fault.

- More than one member being less than five feet tall...and almost weighting 400 pounds. I'm not the most accurate calculator of BMI in my head...but that's just a smidge high.

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