Thursday, May 23, 2013

I Hate Studying

I have been gearing up for my USMLE Step 2 CK (say that five times fast) in a few weeks. I have been  doing multiple choice questions, ramping up more and more each day. I purchased a 30 day subscription to the UWorld question bank (if you're a medical student you probably just shuddered subconsciously, if not, know that medical students do) and it has been making me work very hard. The questions are quite difficult, and only remind me that I despise hours of studying. I really and truly do. I always have.

It makes me anxious. My eyes hurt from doing so much blasted reading. I start thinking about everything that I either don't need to be thinking about, wish I weren't thinking about, or hadn't bothered to think about because it doesn't actually matter. I go from being quite busy and tired every day, to bored and having a bad case of cabin fever. I try to intersperse my studying with activities with friends and whatnot, but that isn't always possible. And until that time is available I am at home...all day. I become restless and bored, and then I want to eat because I have nothing else to do to distract me from studying. It is just not healthy. I hate studying. I like being active, being in the hospital. Being on my feet.

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