Thursday, May 30, 2013

Blargh!!!! BAD Morning! -- Kvetching

I had a lot of difficulty falling asleep last night. Two coffees and a healthy dose of increasing nerves will do that to a body. This morning for the life of me I couldn't focus on anything. So I figured I'd do my errands that I'd scheduled for tomorrow today. Sounds innocent enough, no?

For starters, the temperature has been jumping around lately here in Chicago, and the last two days have been sticky. So sticky that my feet feel like they've always got a layer of goo on them. Not a pleasant sensation. I also figured that since I had to go out I would go ahead and pull my car from the paid garage I had it in during winter to street parking--saves a lot of money. With this in mind I went in the late morning as I wouldn't have too difficult a time finding a parking spot near my building upon my return. 

I get to the store and for the life of me I cannot focus. I ended up walking down the same aisle no less than three times because I kept remembering things I wanted or needed. Fast forward to checkout, and I do my thing, and it's even warmer. I swing by the tennis shop to get my freshly strung racquet and proceed to crawl down Fullerton because there was a giant pothole in the middle of an intersection. I also managed to catch every single stinking light. On my first pass for a parking spot, I got behind two dingaling drivers that kept stopping every five feet to evaluate if a space about six feet long was big enough for their car. Errrm, sorry. I ended up finding a spot on my building's block. I get upstairs to find that somehow all of the meat I had purchased did not make it into my bag. Most likely I forgot it in the cart. Annoyed that a) I have to go back out, and b) I have to give up my AWESOME parking spot I go back to the store. They were very nice about it and I got an equal valued selection of meats. It was uncomfortably hot and sticky by this point, so I get moving back home and I get stuck in Cubs traffic. I'm basically annoyed at this point because I've practically wasted half a day of studying. After one round I find a decent spot, only to notice that the wheels are curbed just a bit more than I like. I forgot to put a belt on this morning so my wallet and phone weighed my shorts down. I stepped up into my car and rippppp went my shorts. Lovely. Somebody please shoot me now.

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