Saturday, August 18, 2012

New Rotation

My new rotation this week was a bit chaotic. The doctor my partner and I are assigned to on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings was not at the hospital this week. So they didnt' really know what to do with us so they put us with an APN and basically we filled out H&Ps Monday and Friday. Tuesday and Thursday mornings we were supposed to be with a pulmonologist, but Tuesday we didn't see him until we were almost due in our Tuesday (and Friday) afternoon clinic. Thursday I didn't even make it to the hospital when I got a call saying "I can't see you guys today, see you Tuesday." So I get off the train and turn around go home...where I don't do much of anything...
Tuesday and Friday afternoons we're in clinic (blegh) with an internist, who, I must say, is a hot mess. But she's hysterical.

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