Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Most Bizarre Dream

The dream occurred in that delightful space between asleep and awake (the place where Tink will always be with Peter Pan for those familiar with the movie “Hook”.)
My Canuck and I were at a part with a bunch of other people, when suddenly she pulls out an Erlenmeyer flask (!!!!!) and puts some rocks of crack in it. That should’ve been my first clue that this was a dream...but then again...Canuck is certifiably nuts. She passed (the Erlenmeyer full of crack) to Yauser (Yauser!) and she took some, then she went all ghetto/gangsta Canuck on me (PS, does that great white nation of Canada even have a ghetto? If it’s indeed the most awesome place in the world you’d think it wouldn’t...) and went all hoopdy on me trying to take a hit (from the Erlenmeyer) of crack...
Fast forward about fifteen minutes and I’m on a stage (somewhere, I’m not sure where) and apparently the Ice Truck Killer is trying to kill me, but he’s in a costume, and keeps throwing things at me on stage. Fast forward a few more minutes, and I’m at Deborah Morgan’s apartment...trying to not only latch, but merely CLOSE a door that for some reason keeps getting slammed open, and is straining against the latch, deadbolt, and chain, just to keep the Ice Truck Killer away...I was then awoken by a purring cat in my face. W.T.F 
Did I mention that when I finally woke up this morning I felt like I had been on a serious bender and I was dizzy and groggy for at least thirty minutes after waking up. That never happens. Who tried to date rape me last night???

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