Sunday, November 14, 2010

Fourth Semester Banquet

Last night was our banquet celebrating what should be (hopefully) our last semester on the island. I wasn't overly thrilled about going, but then again I'm usually not bouncing on the tips of my toes in giddy delight at the prospect of being crammed in a small space with several hundred obnoxious inebriated buffoons. That is indeed what turned out to happen, but thankfully I was able to avoid most of said individuals and just have a good time with my friends. Ok ok, I MIGHT have danced with a certain professor known for her chipper demeanor and ability to teach Renal physiology...

The food was not the best, and it turned out that it made a lot of people sick. I would imagine that the food had been cooked several hours before our banquet began and that the various species of E. coli said PARTAY! at Cabrits...which then extended to the GI tracts of unsuspecting medical students.

I still continue to be amazed at how a lot of my peers haven't quite left the high school/first two years of college mentality. You know the attitude whereby we need to get blitzed and act like complete idiots in front of everybody, and how everybody else things it's AWESOME! Personally, I enjoy my wine, and yeah, I might enjoy dancing, but my clothes stay on, and I do not get in other people's "business." Perhaps I also have a little bit of perspective and self respect. I keep the getting the feeling that most of my peers have absolutely no idea what the real world entails, and went straight from party undergrad without actually having to step into the real world. It just bothers me that they A) feel inclined to act that way to begin with, B) feel inclined to do so in public, and C) think it's the greatest thing since sliced bread.

Somebody do please explain to me why it's a good idea to chemically alter oneself to the point of memory loss...and try also to explain why it's simply delightful to do that REPEATEDLY.

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