Sunday, December 14, 2014

First Time in a While

For the first time in a while today I took a bus downtown (amongst other places I went shopping today) to do some holiday shopping. Why haven't I done this much recently you may ask? Residency.

It was quite lovely. Just getting on the bus (for the first six months I lived in Chicago I did not have a car, no longer an option and I enjoyed that) was a throwback to when I was new to this city that I love and it was exciting--my own personal renaissance--and it's much less stressful. Curse you medicine for making me get up obnoxiously early. I still enjoy using the bus and train, so to be able to look out the window and just enjoy the parks and buildings that I was being driven by was nice. Then I moseyed around the shopping streets and stores, taking it all in. I didn't have any particular goals for my shopping, but I found some nice things for folks.

Residency is rolling right along, rather nice in fact. I'm done with a month of medicine --and went so far as to take the last week off of that rotation to avoid committing a homicide or slitting my wrists (seriously you medicine folk, you're crazy). And now I'm doing a month of inpatient psychiatry. Which I'm loving. My attending is scheduled to take several days of vacation after Christmas, so I don't know what I'm going to do.

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