Sunday, October 12, 2014


You spend an hour ripping out old caulk that's probably been there since the bathroom was remodeled (I'm guessing early Dubya years)...and get all proud about how perfect your new WHITE caulk job is...and then you look at the drying result...and realize you bought clear-drying caulk...Derp.

Also derping up your day is the fact that a tire picks up a nice-looking bolt. Somehow the tire has yet to go flat, many hours afterward (perhaps unbeknownst to me the car has runflats?). I try to take it to my usual tire place, where they will patch-plug the tire. But it's Sunday, and they're not open. So I have to get creative. The only place open is a Pepboys, ok great. I get there...and they (a huge place) only plug a tire. Not on my car thank you very much. Grrrrr. Derp. As of this moment the car is parked in a spot of the garage that nobody ever parks in, in anticipation of potentially having to swap out the tire for the spare.

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