Monday, September 9, 2013


Finished my neurology rotation. I must say I thoroughly enjoyed what I learned and working with this particularly attending. I didn't care so much for his preferred hours. I'm an early bird. I don't mind waking up at six to get to work by seven, or earlier, and leave so I can eat dinner at a reasonable hour.  Dr. Brain is a night owl. He prefers coming in at 11:30 and staying until 8 or later. That means we stayed with him until 8, 8:30 most nights. I felt like I learned A LOT. I got my neuro exam time down to less than thirty minutes. The first time it took me well over an hour. My attending offered me a letter of recommendation. I didn't ask for one. I had planned to, but he offered before I had what I thought was the appropriate chance. So woohoo!

Next up for me is a two week break (what WILL I do with myself??) and then I have three more rotations. I'm going back to Chicago Hope Hospital, and I'm looking forward to it. Chicago Memorial Hospital was a good place to learn, but the nurses there, particularly in the ICU can be real curmudgeons. 

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