Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The packing begins...

So the moving process has begun. The truck is reserved, the carpet cleaners are coming, the bills are set to cancel. Woo? I don't want to rush pack my apartment like we did when we moved out my brother. I want it to be much more relaxed. So every day I'm starting to put stuff away/up/in boxes. I started with the books...because I needed a break from those!!! Today I packed up my professional clothes, because obviously I won't be needing those in the next week. Over the course of the summer, sure, I'll probably need them, but they can go for now! In the process I did not realize how many pairs of dress pants I had!! At least ten!!! It was kind of ridiculous!
 Just the hangers from the dress clothes...
 Glory! There is a wall back there!!!
Thank goodness for Spacebags!!

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