Monday, November 23, 2009

Little friend greeting me as I get home...

I got back to my apartment tonight and went into my bedroom. Right after I turned on the light I noticed something frantically scurrying across the wall. I freaked for a second, thinking it was a centipede (vile, evil little cretins). I looked up to see that it was just a gecko. Whew! Ok, you must be asking why am I freaking out about a centipede?? Well, to be frank, THEY STING! A friend of mine was bitten just the day before yesterday. And it hurts! And they're aggressive. Sometimes the spawn of Satan will chase you down (the larger ones anyway). So, back to the Geiko gecko...It scurried behind my AC unit and I haven't seen it since. A rational person would say, well, dummy, it's still behind the AC unit. AHA, you'd be wrong! I looked with a flashlight and the little bugger is nowhere to be found! Honestly I don't mind that he's there. One fewer ant for me to worry about. Here's a picture of a gecko at a friend's apartment, since this little fella was too quick for me to snap a picture of him!

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